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Do you have an expensive rug at home that has been stepped over on by many different people and possibly pets, leaving it looking not as nice as it did when you first bought it? Are you worried that your delicate fibers will become damaged by cleaning the areas off on your own? Well the smart thing to do is definitely contact a qualified cleaner who can safely and powerfully rid the rugs of all and any spills and spots in no time. Persian Rug Cleaning The Woodlands TX has got you covered, we are the best in rug odor & stain removal.

Local Persian Rug Cleaners!

We are your one phone call away local Persian rug cleaners who have many years of trained experience working on and cleaning some of the most expensive and delicate rugs successfully in the past years for each of our clients and is ready to help you.

Special Cleaning for Delicate Rugs!

Before and After Cleaning a Rug

With delicate rug cleaning, you have to be very careful as the wrong tools or solutions can easily impact your fibers on the rugs negatively making them look worse and harmed. This not only changes the way they look and feel but also the resistance of the carpets strength for any future spilling that occurs.

This is why our experts use the most advanced equipment and eco-friendly solutions to apply on your fibers during the delicate rug cleaning that are safe enough for each material and make. unlike the over the counter products that just about anyone can get their hands on, these have no chemicals or toxins.

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